Some days are better than others and then today… It is a very exciting time in my life with the immigration you start afresh. It is a clean slate and you show what you are made of. I’m a fighter a boxer without the blood and violence yet with the same fire to succeed and fearlessly franticly fantastic.

One of the most important things in my life is making a decision, sticking to your guns even when the world turns against you.  You sometimes have to make a tough decision and you need to know why you made this decision. Why was this, the road you chose to take? Sometimes you need to be brutally honest and say I messed up regroup correct yourself jump a few lanes get off of the road rest life’s gps and get back on the road. This could very well be one of the most difficult yet liberating life experiences.  I love life sometime more than other times. I have been through a massive change and I’m so excited about life tomorrow I struggle to contain myself. This is not just a feeling it is a life style. I struggle with the fact not everybody is like that and I totally get it I know even I do not run permanently on this lever normally it is a lot higher it is infectious and addictive and like a summer fruit sumptuous. I love life with each single struggle and conquest.

Even I get knocked down and get counted out, and yes I also then need to take some time to regroup and train. I strive to get back in the ring get up close and personal with that moment in time with one goal in mind to overcome. I fight this good fight and I have no time to look at what anyone else is doing I need to focus on only and only on the battle I’m in. by the way I chose that battle it didn’t sneak up on me I fight it cause of lots of reasons but mainly the honor of almighty God. Life everything you do is about God the moment you take God out of even a single life event you play god. Think back to Genesis 3 the fall of man what did the devil say to Eve surely you will not die in other word believe me and God is lying, then God knows you will be like Him and we wanted to be gods. Staggering we still have that same condition. Even I need to get back in the ring with that battle as it pops up more often then I’d like to admit. But we have to if we want to win not just in everyday but life and eternal life. Is that not more important that everything else.