…as my black berry coughed back to life, I’m relieved. The phone is fantastic, yet for some reason, if you spill a cup of coffee over it I guess it’s bound to break. So I have banded myself from all fluids while working on my phone or the playbook. Coming to think of it not a bad idea to ban it even from the laptop… emmm I was stuck with an android phone for an entire day. I felt naked and somehow a tad lost without bbm. Funny how we’ve become accustomed to some things, my wife was in shock I called her 3 times today to check if my black berry was working as I left it home. She could not believe that I struggled so much with change. I was thinking it was not the change yet the unplanned or change with no warning. I realized I normally have a plan. Very seldom life troughs me a curve ball and when it does I’m not happy like in this case. I really feel silly about it, come on there are others ways to stay in touch other than bbm. Yet sad isn’t it.

This obviously got me hunting for evidence, and I found I’m a control freak. Come on I use to be a punk, an anarchist, how did this happen? Come on how did I end up being a planner, someone who use to believe in chaos. The pictures of me 20 years later I’ve become normal oh my word how did that happen.

I was reminded to the word of God He will give you a new heart and renew your mind can I show actual evidence of being reborn? I must say this has not been easy however it has been over many years and so it doesn’t feel strange. I was telling my wife today come on when I eat out I like the same food cause I know what I like how I like it and I hate being disappointed.

Boy I’m fun on vacation, which I of course is in the process planning. It is a staggering thought there is so many places I yet have to see where to begin? I know somewhere in expensive. So I’ll be driving up to fetch my mother in law in a week from today, I have to see this time central park it is a stunning place I have to see. I want pizza in New York and coffee and I want to say coffee the way New Yorkers do Cu-offee.

So some moments are so worth savoring. I will enjoy this trip up north to New York City even if I have most things planned. Even if a monsoon comes through as it is something I’ve wanted for way to long.

I would like to call to repentance and beg submit to Christ as He is the only one who owns the key’s to release you from the power of sin.